The 2022 Harvest was a huge success. All grapes are in for the year.

At Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery our visitors will be greeted with a warm smile.  
Our guests will enjoy a selection of elegant wines, while taking in the views of several acres of lush vineyard, Westport Sculpture Garden, and of the tranquil Sand Lake.  
   Tasting bar and wood fired pizza from 11-4 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 11-7 Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  First come first serve and all welcome. 

Call or text for any inquiries 613-449-6548

Wine Tastings...Happy to accomodate by appointment

$2 for 1 wine

$5 for 3 wines

$8 for 6 wines

Wine By The Bottle To Go 

Scheuermann Chardonnay                $35  sold out

Scheuermann Cabernet Franc          $35   sold out

Scheuermann Les Bulles                    $25  Sold out

Scheuermann Vidal 2016                    $15

Scheuermann Vidal 2017                    $15

Scheuermann Vidal 2018                    $23

Craft Beer TALL CAN TO GO               $5 

•Weatherhead Brew Co, Pilot IPA
•Cowbell, Bob Cat Red Ale
•Cowbell, Huron County Shindig Lager
•Cowbell, Boxing Bruin IPA

Wood Fire Pizza

Pair your 10" pizza with smoked fish to go or a maple balsamic green side salad

Maple Balsamic Green Salad
Smoked Arctic Char •Trout •Salmon

Gift Baskets

Make It Beautiful & Share with Others.

Custom made baskets to say 'I love you' or 'Thank you' or 'Just because"

Home made bows, local chocolate, wine, glasses, Chef Francois' Love at first spice, local apple butter.

Gift Cards

Make it an experience and offer the gift of relaxation.