At Scheuermann Vineyard and Winery our visitors will be greeted with a warm and gracious welcome.  Our guests will enjoy a selection of elegant wines, while taking in the views of several acres of lush vineyard and of the tranquil Sand Lake.  Stop in for a tasting and experience all the colours of the scenery in a breathtaking way.

 Call or text     613-449-6548

Wine Tasting

Wine Tastings      

$2 for 1 wine      

$5 for 3 wines    

Wine By the Glass

Pinot Noir, $15

Vidal 2016, Vidal 2017 $8


Wood Grill Meals 

3 choices Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings after 5pm by reservation

Wood Fire Pizza


Pizza oven fires everyday at 11am
  (tomato sauce, basil, fior di latte, olive oil)                                             $12  
Satta          (tomato sauce, basil, fior di latte, Supprasatta, olive oil                      $16 
Soleto       (tomato sauce, basil, red pepper, sun-dried tomato,                           $18
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† tapenade, feta, jalape√Īo drizzle
Sonson    (garlic butter, proscuitto, red pepper, asparagus, brie)                        $18
Caliente   (Tomato sauce, chorizo, pineapple, basil, red pepper,                       $18
                   cayenne fior di latte, jalapeno drizzle  
Alsatian    (galic oil, caramelized onion, speck, creme fraiche, cheddar)          $18
Highland   (wood grilled rib steak, highland blue cheese,                                   $22
                    caramelized onion, white cheddar, creme fraiche)

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